Teacher Assisting a Student

Catch Up Tuition

COVID has had a devastating impact on children across the world, not just educationally, but also emotionally. With more than 6 months out of school, the need to catch up and fill any gaps in learning are paramount. Tuitionprep can offer 1:1 support in all areas of the Maths and English curriculum, including reading and writing.

Kent Test Group Lessons

The Kent Tests are the gateway to highly streamed and much coveted Grammar School places. With a secured Grammar School place, your child's future will be secure.  Tuitionprep can help with all areas of the Kent Tests. Children can discuss and collaborate together in a friendly and supportive environment.

Kent Test One on One lessons

If your child has particular areas that require specific attention, tailored one on one lessons could be for you. They offer a more flexible approach with a bespoke programme that is designed for your child only.